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5 Best Travel Accessories for Mom in 2022 | The Curated List

Are you shopping for a jet-setter mom? Or are you, yourself, a mom who loves to travel? 

With tons of new products for traveling popping up all the time, it can be hard to know what’s worth buying or not. This is why we created this curated list of our top picks for the best travel accessories every mom wishes they had purchased sooner. 

While you may see hundreds of recommendations elsewhere, we hand-selected these five based on quality, practicality, and style. Let’s get started and help you find the right travel accessory for mom!

Print Shoulder Bags

Black and white crossbody bag

There’s nothing more practical and stylish than a print shoulder bag. When on the go, you need something to carry your things and not get in the way. A shoulder bag with an adjustable strap allows you to decide how you’d like for the bag to lay against your body so you're the most comfortable when out and about. 

These bags are also just the right size to carry anything you’ll need for a day of traveling. And you have the freedom to choose whatever print matches the mom in your life’s style! You really can’t go wrong with getting a mom a shoulder bag!


COVID Vaccine Card Holder

COVID Vaccination Card Holder

Now that it’s been quite some time since the COVID-19 pandemic began and restrictions have loosened, a lot more countries have opened their borders to travelers. With that being said, international travel typically requires that the traveler shows proof of their vaccination status. 

To make the journey of going through the airport security and customs easier, gift your mom a vaccination card holder that also carries her passport, ID, credit cards, and plane tickets. When waiting in line for immigration or TSA, you don’t want to deal with rummaging through your bag to find every piece of identification that you’ll need. By having a cardholder, you’ll be prepared and have peace of mind knowing that all important documents are in one place. 

Travel Electronics Organizer

Cheetah Tech Organizer

Packing for a big trip can be stressful! A tech organizer can help make that process slightly less painful by placing all your small electronics in one place. If your mom has a phone, earbuds, a tablet, and other electronic devices, packing them in her purse can be hectic. That’s a lot of chargers and wires that can get tangled and be hard to find when she needs them. 

Pick out a stylish-looking travel electronics organizer to help her easily pack any device that she’ll need for her trip! 

Compact Instant Camera

fujifilm classic instant camera

Shake it like a Polaroid picture! No seriously, a polaroid, or instant camera, is the perfect travel accessory for a mom. Offer her the nostalgia of taking photos before the digital age and allow her to capture her new memories instantly with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

While we highly suggest this as a travel gift, it can even be used when the family gets together so she can hold onto those moments just a little longer. It’s great for non-tech savvy moms who aren’t the best photo takers on their phones or just moms who want to reduce some screen time while on vacation. 

Luxury Travel Size Toiletry Set

essential luxury travel set

Just because we need to pack toiletries when traveling, doesn’t mean it has to be boring or simple. Gift yourself or a mom in your life a luxury travel-size toiletry set to make completing your bathroom routine a treat. 

This set features heavenly scented products that are vegan and paraben-free. From shampoo to toothpaste to even a candle to set the mood, a mom will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this travel present. 





5 Travel Looks That Look Great With Travel Accessories

(1) For The Airport

travel outfit with travel electronics

This is an airport look where a large crossbody, as part of the hand luggage, can be used to carry your iPad for light in-flight reading, and your travel electronics can be further organized by putting the charging cables, AirPods, etc. in a smaller wallet pouch.

(2) On The First Day Of A Cruise

embarkation day outfit with vaccine card

This outfit would be perfect for Embarkation Day of a cruise ship (or to visit any restaurant on land) where you might need your vaccine card. 

The crossbody bag will carry your phone, lipgloss, and your COVID vaccine holder.

(3) A Day In The City

a day in the city travel outfit

This is the perfect look for when you’re out and about in a new city and visiting cute cafes. Or maybe you find a pretty street... and it’s a Polaroid kinda day. No matter your discovery, you can use your compact instant camera to capture the beauty around you, and then store it in your super cute crossbody bag.

(4) A Little Boho Chic

chic boho travel outfit

There’s no need to compromise your skin & hair care routine, or your style!

As you travel, you opt to carry a luxury travel-size toiletries set in your suitcase by putting them in some clear plastic zip-baggies and then in these cute wallet pouches.

(5) For The Boss

career woman travel outfit with crossbody bag

Here’s a perfect outfit for the mom who has had a well-established career, and is on a well-deserved vacation. 

With a crossbody look like this, she can finally go shopping or carry her favorite book with her, plus a journal, a small water bottle, and pick up some souvenirs for her loved ones. 

Let’s Get Traveling!

There you have it! These are our favorite travel accessory gifts that will actually be used and loved by moms from all over. While there are plenty of other options out there, we feel that these are the most worthwhile. Gift a mom a useful but beautiful gift by choosing one of our recommendations. 

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