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Our Story

B.Eclectic, Ohio Black-owned business

B.Eclectic is a black-owned fashion brand based in Columbus, Ohio with a unique collection of handcrafted bags and stylish accessories. Inspired by travel, West Indian culture, and diversity, we create ready-to-wear pieces made from multiple patterns, prints, and materials.

Our journey began as the hobby of a mother-daughter team, who simply had a passion for high-quality handmade accessories. At the time, they made handbags and jewelry for family and friends under the brand name, Aerryel & Perymon Boutique. As demand increased for their handcrafted fashion accessories, the brand became well-known within the Midwest. Then in 2019, the name was rebranded to B.Eclectic.


What Does B.Eclectic Represent?

"Eclectic" means “deriving styles from a broad and diverse range of sources and influence”.

A statement we believe summarizes the Black experience. Black is not a monolith but a community represented by diverse backgrounds. This is what we strive to represent as a black-owned accessory brand.


How We Create

Our pledge to you is to create beautiful, timeless statement accessories that you love to wear.

We prioritize distinctive design, timeless textiles, and durability over fashion trends. Also, as artisans, we create every handmade item in Ohio with the utmost attention to detail.


Meet Our Founder

Aerryel White-Clarke, Founder of B.Eclectic

Aerryel White-Clarke is the Founder and Creative Director of the B.Eclectic brand.

While growing up in Columbus, Ohio, she remembers her mom making all of her clothes. This craft piqued her interest, resulting in her mom teaching her how to sew.

As Aerryel learned more sewing techniques, she began to make outfits. Then, around her teenage years, she became a purse enthusiast and naturally began making handmade bags. Yet it wasn't until she traveled during college, that she experienced how different cultures mixed prints.

Inspired by these international artisans, Aerryel proudly creates a collection of products that adds a special touch to any woman's day.