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What The B.Eclectic Brand Is All About

Aerryel White-Clarke, Designer and Owner of B.Eclectic 

Hey! I'm Aerryel, the Founder of the B.Eclectic Brand, a black-owned online fashion boutique based in Columbus, Ohio.


My journey started a few years ago as a child watching my mother sew and create my clothing and accessories. As a result, I wanted to learn how to do it myself.


As she showed me different techniques, I practiced sewing my own outfits and that satisfied my creativity for a while. However, as I got older, I fell in love with women's handbags, and needless to say, I shifted my focus to making those.


But it wasn't until I traveled abroad that I truly learned how impactful prints could be in my handcrafted designs.


While visiting countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Barbados, I was fascinated with how local artists mixed prints, patterns, and materials. They skillfully paired these elements together, creating something that stood out in the market and could never be replicated.


That craftsmanship inspired me.


It reminded me of my upbringing, which included a blending of my American culture with influences of my African heritage. 


Plus it was a visual representation of how beautifully complex women can be.


Since then, I've created a collection of fashion accessories that reminds women of how special they are.


Now, of course, that's my story but what about the blog?


The B.Eclectic Blog 

Woman wearing B.Eclectic crossbody bag

In the simplest terms, the B.Eclectic blog will consist of everyday style inspiration for bold, stylish women.


We'll share outfit ideas that you can use for work, travel, or running errands.


And will share the history and cultural significance of the prints we use from time to time.


For example, our next blog post will be a handcrafted handbag holiday gift guide. Then that will be followed by an interesting read about the Herringbone pattern used in many of our crossbody bags.


Who's Our Content For?

If you're a woman who prefers statement accessories over fashion trends, you're in the right place!


We promise to always represent your style in our biweekly content.


Now if you're a partner, spouse, or friend of a fashionable woman, our content is also for you! 


We believe you'll see how handmade items can be meaningful gifts for the ladies in your life.


And together we look forward to building a community that appreciates travel, style, and Black culture.


Now What?

Stay in touch and follow us on Instagram at @beclecticbrand.

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