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How To Find The Best Crossbody Bag For Your Everyday Style

man holding multiple crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are among the best travel bags available, as they allow you to inch through traveling crowds, crowded trains, and airplanes. They're incredibly versatile, as you wear them as saddle bags or move them from side to side, from front to back, and vice versa. Put simply; they allow you to move more while simultaneously keeping your hands free. 

In this article, we'll discuss crossbody bags and how to find the best crossbody bag for your everyday style. 

Why We Love Crossbody Bags?

Crossbody bags emerged in response to the need to keep valuables, such as wallets and documents, while also remaining hands-free. While they do a great job of this, modern crossbody bags also deliver on the fashion front. It’s no surprise that many of the top fashion brands available today have a flagship crossbody bag that they’re known for. 

Whatever your personal style is, a crossbody bag is the type of wardrobe essential that you’ll reach for again and again. They’re the perfect blend of style and function. Here's why we love crossbody bags: 


A crossbody bag's often adjustable shoulder strap lays gently on your shoulder, relieving pressure off your neck and preventing the bag from swinging around. This makes crossbody purses into fantastic everyday bags, as they allow you to carry your valuables and a few other things as well, without many issues. This is especially true if you're dancing the night away or walking long distances. 


You can carry all of your necessities in a shoulder bag without feeling overly big or heavy. You can alter the crossbody strap's length to suit your needs, whether you're going on a day excursion or a night out. Sing me the Blues from the Motherland Collection is a good example, as it features a small exterior design for daily use with plenty of room inside for phones, credit cards, makeup, and other necessities. 

Each bag in said collection is individually handmade in an ethical supply chain with materials that have less of an environmental impact than conventional leather products.


When you're out and about, messenger bags are a terrific way to keep your possessions secure. It would be tough for an opportunistic criminal to steal them without your knowledge because they hang over your body. Additionally, most crossbody purses have zipped sections, which increase security.


Equally as important as all the aforementioned reasons, crossbody bags are a timeless favorite because they offer plenty in terms of style. Any real or faux leather crossbody bag could easily complement your day and night style, especially if they're on the mini-bag end of the spectrum. Just remove the leather or chain straps to reveal a stylish minimalist clutch bag

Choosing Your Crossbody Bag Style

black woman sitting on ground with print crossbody bag

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right crossbody bag style for you. The choice mostly comes down to personal preference, practicality, and aesthetics, and most people already have predefined tastes regarding accessories. Here's what you should consider when looking for a crossbody bag: 

Look For The Right Size

Your crossbody bag's size is crucial because it will determine how frequently you use it. Think about the essentials you need to carry with you daily and the size bag you need to fit them. Larger bags, such as Houndstooth & Beige Elephant Handmade Crossbody, will give you the benefit of carrying more, which is incredibly convenient for work and travel. 

However, the downside of having a big crossbody bag is that it will eventually house everything, even things you don't need daily. If that happens to you often, a medium-sized crossbody bag that accommodates your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and a few other small items might be the ideal size for you. 

This is especially true if you already have a smaller go-to purse, such as Peace In America Handmade Crossbody, in an XL or L-sized bag, for example. Mini crossbody bags often offer more comfort than practicability in daily situations, but they're incredibly practical for casual situations, such as a night out. 

Consider The Closure

Another important thing to consider is the bag's closure, and in most cases, the practical choices are either zippers or flaps. The latter might be equipped with a buckle that would prevent anyone with sticky fingers from easily accessing the contents of your bag. 

Zip-top handle bags are great, particularly if flaps aren't really your thing. Having a zipper closure means that your bag gets to have a top handle, which can be made of vegan leather, or some other type of material. They're also great for keeping your belongings secure and protected from elements and curious individuals. 

Having an unbuckled flap on your bag, similar to one on Grass is Greener - Handmade Crossbody with Leather Flap, arguably allows you to access your belongings faster. They're also good at protecting your belongings, especially if they're equipped with a buckle for additional safety. Admittedly, you'll likely leave the buckle open if you're often in a hurry.

Open bags, like Lady In Pink, allow you to access your belonging on the go, which is great when you're shopping. They basically downsized and fashioned tote bags, and as such, they prioritize easy access over security. 

It's All In The Details

A crossbody purse can truly be enhanced by various embellishments, making it the perfect choice for you. For instance, you might desire an adjustable strap, exterior zippers, particular ornamentation, a special bag closure, etc. Details can really help you showcase your personality. 

For example, a Red Jewel handmade crossbody bag is one of the larger bags with an adjustable strap and a unique red and green print in a vintage design. It's particularly interesting when styled with a casual fall or winter women's outfit. 

If you like vintage designs, We Make Art is a large crossbody bag whose print is designed with a mixture of colorful African prints and complemented with an adjustable strap and leather detail. Speaking of leather and leather details, the Brown Flower is a smaller crossbody bag with a mixed print design, an adjustable strap, and a leather flap which would make it stand out in any setting. 


Crossbody bags are a wardrobe essential: they're useful, versatile, and stylish.  If you're in the market for a new bag, check out B.Eclectic, a fashion brand based in Columbus, Ohio, with a unique collection of handcrafted bags and stylish accessories.

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