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Elephant Tribal Print Bags + (What Do Elephants Represent?)

elephant print crossbody bag

Everyone could benefit from a little more luck, and what’s a more simple way of doing so than by adding elephant symbols to your wardrobe? Move over evil eye, elephants are another popular and historic symbol of protection from harm and offer good fortune. 

In this guide, we’ll explain the cultural and spiritual significance of elephants and why you should add an elephant tribal print bag to your closet immediately. It’s fun, fashionable, and can give you the confidence you need throughout the day. 

Elephant Tribal Print Bags + (Discover The Meaning Behind The Elephant) 

We’ve hand-picked our favorite elephant crossbody bags that are handmade in the USA. From simple but classic elephant print to mixed and matched tribal patterns with elephants making an appearance, we have it all here:

(1) Blue Kid's Crossbody Bag with Yellow Elephant


(2) Blue Baby Elephant Crossbody Bag

(3) Black & White Elephants Crossbody Bag

(4) We Make Art Houndstooth and Beige Elephant Bag


(5) We Make Art Elephants and Flowers Crossbody Purse

(6) We Make Art - Blue, Houndstooth and Elephant Print Bag

What Do Elephants Symbolize In Africa? 

Elephants can symbolize many different things in different cultures. From simple phrases like “an elephant never forgets” to elephants symbolizing greatness in an Aesop fable, you can find different meanings everywhere. 

In Africa, elephants are symbols of strength and power. 

Not only do elephants' massive size contribute to them being a symbol of strength and power, but they are known for their loyalty and soundness of mind. Even the tusks of an elephant represent wisdom and are ever-lasting in African culture. 

Specifically, the Ivory Coast uses an elephant in their Coat of arms because it’s so great and powerful.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Elephants in Africa

Even spiritually, elephants represent strength and wisdom. They also are seen as a symbol of prosperity, memory, unity, vitality, and good luck.

Do Elephants Bring Good Luck?

Elephants are known to bring good luck, abundance, strength, and wisdom, and offer protection from evil. These animals have been a symbol of good fortune for so long that the origins are unknown, but gifting someone an item with an elephant item should bring them luck as long as the tusks are pointed upwards. 


Elephants are an important and powerful symbol in Africa. They are displayed on coins, stamps, and artwork. The elephant is often seen as a symbol of strength, power, and good luck. Therefore,  it never hurts to keep an item with an elephant on it close by. 

Our elephant tribal print bag suggestions are sure to keep the good fortune coming in and have you looking stylish all at once. 

Which elephant print bag is your favorite?

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