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A Quick Fashion History Lesson On Floral Print And Houndstooth

B.Eclectic Houndstooth and Floral Crossbody Bag

Floral print and houndstooth patterns are some of the most popular designs you can find on clothing, no matter the season. They are everywhere from midi skirts to scarves. But where did they come from and how did they become so persistent in fashion? 

Keep reading to dive into the history of floral and houndstooth print! 

What is floral print?

Floral print is a fabric or design that has flowers on it. It can be the same flower repeated over and over on the fabric, or a ton of different ones that overlap. There are different floral print fabric styles as well; hand-painted, printed, abstract, realistic, etc. 

Floral print is arguably one of the most popular patterns of our time. Flowers serve as a symbol of freshness and beauty that are super versatile for all seasons.

Floral print fashion history

The origins of floral print are not 100% known. In fact,  many experts believe floral print fabric came from Asia. During the 12th century, seamstresses hand-printed floral designs on silk. Many years later in the 17th century, these silks were traded to European countries and only accessible to the wealthy. 

As mentioned earlier, floral prints are versatile and were made in various ways. Before modern printing, floral print was made by hand printing, painting, weaving, and embroidery. It was very intricate work that made these designs very expensive.

Now, floral print clothing and accessories are accessible and there are so many different styles. From dainty flowers here and there on a t-shirt, to expansive detailed florals on an evening gown. 

Florals are typically thought of as a spring and summer trend, and you can find new patterns every year. They are usually influenced by trends that mark the decade’s fashion. For example, there recently have been more patchwork designs due to the increasing awareness of sustainability. Now you can find floral patchwork design dresses and shirts, that we believe are a huge mark of the 2010-2020s era. 

What is houndstooth print?

It isn’t a coincidence that houndstooth has a dog-related name. This print is called “houndstooth” because of its similarities to the uneven, jagged, shape of a hound’s tooth. This print comes from Scotland and is better described as a bunch of repeating broken checks. 

Houndstooth fashion history

In 19th century Scotland, shepherds wore a houndstooth wool outer garment. Although this print has been around for quite some time, it was not popularized until the 1930s. Once it stepped into the fashion scene thanks to designers like Christian Dior, it became a status symbol for the wealthy. 

You can find some of the first houndstooth designs from Dior’s 1948 Haute Couture spring/summer collection. Even the first Miss Dior fragrance contained a houndstooth print. 

While this pattern originally was only printed on wool, you can find houndstooth on corduroy, cotton, and tons of other fabrics. Houndstooth pattern is the perfect way to elevate any outfit with a splash of it on a crossbody bag, a pair of shoes, or a bucket hat. 


Brown Houndstooth Large Crossbody Bag

While the direct origins of floral print aren’t exact, one thing is definitely known, it is a powerful and popular design that can be worn at any time. There’s no wrong way to wear floral print and there are so many styles to choose from. 

On the other hand, the houndstooth pattern comes from humble beginnings as an outerwear staple for shepherds. Once the elite became aware of its classiness, houndstooth took off. 

With this knowledge, you’ll remember the history and versatility of floral and houndstooth patterns the next time you go shopping. 

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