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Holiday Gift Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Handmade Bag For Her

shopping for a handcrafted bag

Finding the perfect gift can be complicated, and with the holidays approaching it only makes the pressure more intense. When shopping for a special woman in your life you want to be sure that you’ll gift a goody she is excited to unwrap.

Which is why we’ve curated this holiday gift guide to help out all the daughters, best friends, and spouses of fashionable women who have no idea what to get her for the holidays. 

Why Handmade Bags are the Perfect Holiday Gift

(1) Handbags are Unique

Choosing to gift that special woman in your life a handmade bag will give her a one-of-a-kind present she will never forget. The texture, design, and even stitching will vary from bag to bag, making it a unique product that no one else has. 

By gifting a handcrafted bag, you are showing her an extra level of care that can’t be shown with a commercial bag. You took the time and put in the effort to find a gift as unique as her, and there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than that.  

(2) You will Help Support a Small Business

Each bag is carefully made by an artisan, not a machine. These are people who love what they do and have a passion for creating amazing quality work. You can’t experience the same level of attention to detail and dedication behind a handbag when it comes from a machine. 

When you support a small business by buying a handmade bag, you are supporting them directly, boosting their confidence in their craft, and allowing them to reinvest into their business to learn more and create more. 

(3) Handcrafted products are great for the environment

There are environmental benefits to choosing handmade products as holiday gifts. You’ll be supporting a more sustainable way of shopping as opposed to fast fashion. 

It is not being produced in a giant factory or warehouse with thousands of machines that are polluting the Earth. Instead, you are choosing to purchase a handcrafted item made by a passionate local artisan in a studio. These products use less energy to make and have an overall lover carbon footprint than any mass-produced handbag. 


What to Consider when Choosing a Handmade Bag

(1) Cost

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing any holiday gift. Think about how much you want to spend. It’s best to come up with a price range that you feel comfortable with and to keep that in mind when searching.

It’s also worth noting that there is a belief that shopping handmade is more expensive than buying commercial, but this is not true. Oftentimes products that are handcrafted are similarly priced to mass-produced products. And the best part is, the money you spend on a handcrafted product is actually going to the artisan. 

(2) Types of material used

Another thing one should consider when purchasing a handmade bag is the material. You should read the product description of each handbag that you are looking at to see what it’s made of. 

You want to be sure that it’s made from quality fabric, like 100% cotton, which is sustainable, renewable, and will last for a very long time. 

(3) Is it functional?

Recently, tiny handbags have become increasingly popular. But they are just too small to fit anything, and while they may be aesthetically pleasing, functionality is a huge reason why women use handbags in the first place. 

When looking to buy a handmade bag, make sure that its dimensions can actually fit things like a phone, keys, lip gloss, etc. 

(4) Design

Lastly, the design of the handbag is crucial to consider. You want to make sure that whoever you are gifting the bag to likes it, so it’s important to choose a design that you know they will love. 


Our Top Holiday Gift Recommendations

(1) Vintage Brown Brown Zipper

brown wristlet for women

Eclectic’s vintage brown brown zipper wristlet is a head turner that will catch anyone’s eye.  It's a beautiful combination of upholstery detailed with harlequin stitching and backed with tapestry weave fabric. Its gorgeous brown and neutral colors make it easy to match this handcrafted bag with any outfit!

    Green Maze

    green pouch bag for women

    The Green Maze pouch is the bag for every occasion. It’s a beautiful upholstery print that is enhanced with the signature B.Eclectic harlequin stitch. You can dress it up and use it on a night out in the town or dress it down and take it on errands with you. 

    Don’t let its looks deceive you. Although our green maze may seem small it can actually carry quite a bit! 

    Blended Roots

    brown small crossbody bag

    Our Blended Roots crossbody handbag is the perfect choice for an everyday type of bag. It’s a chromatic blend of brown upholstery prints that are finalized with the harlequin stitch to unite the prints. It features an adjustable strap to maximize comfortability all while still looking stylish. 

    Love it? Add it to your cart!



    Trying to find the perfect gift doesn’t have to be so complicated once you look at handcrafted bags. They are the gift of a lifetime that allows you to express your love with something unique while supporting a small business and the environment! 

    Be mindful of the cost, material, functionality, and design of any handmade bag that you look at to ensure that you pick the right choice for your loved one. B. Eclectic has amazing handcrafted bags that showcase timeless styles.  

    Whether the person you are shopping for prefers wristlets or crossbody bags, B. Eclectic’s holiday gift recommendations are sure to bring a smile to their face.

    Buy Now and get your bag in time for Christmas morning! 

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