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How To Accessorize Spring & Summer Outfits With Print

casual spring look with B.Eclectic crossbody bag

Have you ever had the perfect outfit picked out, but felt like something is missing? Or have you ever thrown on a casual and comfortable outfit, but wished you could dress it up somehow? 

This is where accessorizing is super important! Adding the right amount of accessories can help elevate your outfits and show off your fashion sense. It requires you to have attention to detail skills and takes a little bit to develop.

Once you have it down, you’ll be able to make any outfit go from drab to fab. 

Accessorize An Outfit With Print

A simple staple dress in your wardrobe can easily be taken to the next level by adding something with a print to it: a handbag, a belt, a jacket, etc. We’ll give you some easy examples.

How to accessorize a yellow dress

accessorize a yellow dress with tribal print wristlet

Imagine a yellow dress sitting in your closet. You’ve run out of ways to make it look new again and don’t know how else to accessorize it other than jewelry. This is where a tribal print wristlet can help your outfit shine. It’s bronze, so it lets the yellow from your dress stand out, but the pattern makes it perfect for an afternoon event. 

How to accessorize a white dress

add accessories to a white dress

When you have a white dress, the basic way to accessorize is by adding jewelry. But if you want to really highlight your dress instead of taking away from it, you can layer on a printed jacket. It makes your outfit the right choice for the spring weather by allowing you to just wear the dress if it’s too warm, but cover up with something vibrant when it feels chilly. 

How to accessorize a plain dress

add print to a plain dress

A plain dress like an LBG (little black dress) is something every woman owns. To mix it up, we recommend wearing printed heels that have pops of color. It will show off your styling skills and feature your feet and legs if you like showing off that feature. 

Accessories for dresses

In general, we recommend adding some prints and patterns when wearing a plain dress. Find a funky clutch or purse, some lively heels, or even layer on a jacket or coat with a fresh design. Even if you’re wearing a floral or other print dress, you can still accessorize by adding more prints. It can match or be something different. Just try different pieces on and go with what feels right!

Spring Accessories To Add

While we will go over the typical ways to accessorize your clothing with prints, handbags, and jewelry, we wanted to suggest some other ways to enhance your spring outfits. 

Top 3 Spring Accessories

Our top spring accessories are:

  1.  Headbands

  2. Hair jewelry

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Headbands are making a comeback and we definitely recommend that you check one out on your next shopping spree. We also suggest looking into fun hair clips or hair claws and loc jewelry. By accessorizing your hair to match your outfits, you’ll be the most fashion-forward lady you know. 

Lastly, we recommend wearing your most eccentric sunglasses in the spring. The sun is out and skin/eye protection is no joke. Keep yourself covered with a pair of cute sunnies that double as a way to elevate your clothing. Try out geometric shapes and different colored lenses to find what you like best!

How To Dress Up Jeans

Jeans are an everyday article of clothing that you can wear. But don’t let wearing them get old. 

You can keep making your denim outfits look fresh with the following tips.

Jeans with a button-up shirt

how to style jeans and a button up shirt

A white button-up shirt is a staple item that every woman should have in her closet. Whether you are wearing jean shorts or jean pants, you have to try adding a white button-up to complete the look. It’s perfect for layering on top of a shirt for those cool brunch mornings or wearing as a shirt itself while having it half-tucked in. It’s the ultimate chic jeans outfit.

Dress over jeans

how to wear a dress over jeans with a crossbody bag

This option is for the risk-takers. We understand that reading “dress over jeans” sounds a little crazy and may give you flashbacks from the early 2000s. However, we’re telling you that this can be done well and make you look like the trendsetter that you are.

We recommend doing this with a flowy, long dress that has a slit or asymmetric hem. Keep the dress light and the jeans in straight-leg styles to avoid looking bulky. 

Cute tops with jeans

There are so many different styles of jeans and different styles of tops to wear, but there’s a general rule you can follow to help you make decisions. If you’re wearing skinny or tight-looking jeans, go for a loose top. If you are wearing baggy or flared jeans, go for a tighter top. 

This just depends on what you would like to accentuate, so if you feel that you want to show off your legs, go for tighter jeans. If you want to show off your arms and upper body, then wear a tighter top. 

Cute spring blouses

how to style a cute spring blouse outfit

To transition your jeans seamlessly from winter, match them with some spring blouses. Look for pastel colors, ruffles, and floral print. These blouses are ones you can wear during chilly mornings and warm afternoons. 

Handbag Trends

You can follow the recent handbag trends as well to accessorize your outfits. 

Spring handbag colors

If you want to purchase a new handbag for spring, think about the colors of clothing you already have in your closet. Find out what color handbag would best match those colors and look for it in a lighter or pastel shade. A baby pink clutch, pastel yellow handbag, or a light blue crossbody bag are all excellent choices. 

Best handbags for spring

The best handbag you can wear for spring is one that will match your lighter color clothing and can fit what you need to bring for the occasion. Currently, bucket bags, clutches, and oversized bags are super trendy. With this large floral bag, you’ll hit all the marks of the perfect spring bag. 

Summer handbag colors

Similar to picking out a spring handbag, always look for colors when choosing a summer handbag. Try out bright colors and look for cool shapes. Summer is the time to be bold in a loud way compared to the other seasons. 

Summer handbags

If you’re thinking about summer already, you can find the perfect summer handbag now from a few different stores. Look for basket woven handbags.  will be perfect for beach outings, or if you want to look like you just came from a beach destination. 

How Do You Accessorize A Simple Spring or Summer Outfit

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, here are some actionable tips to accessorize your outfits this upcoming spring and summer.  

(1) Spring necklaces

A typical spring necklace features some aspects of the season: a flower, a butterfly, light-colored gemstones, etc. The size of the necklace doesn’t matter as much. It can be dainty or a large statement piece. 

(2) White summer jewelry

If you’re wearing prints, patterns, and lots of colors in the summer you might want to wear some white jewelry to balance it all out. Try out some white geometric earrings, white beaded necklaces, or pearl bracelets.

(3) Oversized jewelry

You can never go wrong with oversize jewelry. While oversized hoops have always been a style staple for Black and non-Black Latina women, you can take it a step further and try oversized necklaces or even large gemstone rings. 

(4) Cute choker for summer

A choker is perfect to layer on with other different-sized necklaces and can take your outfit from a 5 to a 10. We love seeing silver or gold necklaces layered on top of a casual top or dress. 

(5) Heavy jewelry

Don’t be scared to go jewelry heavy with your outfits! If your clothing is simple and plain, your jewelry can do the heavy lifting and be the star of your outfit. Wear multiple rings on each hand, layer on some necklaces, and put on a pair of hoops. 


Now you are ready to start accessorizing like a pro! By following these tips, there’s no outfit you can’t dress up in during warmer temperatures. 

Which handbag would you add to your accessory wall?

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