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The Impact of Black Panther on Black Kids Which Inspired Our Black Panther Kid's Quilt

Marvel Studios Black Panther on Disney+

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Black Panther is a stunning, ground-breaking celebration of African culture - a movie with significant cultural value for Black communities worldwide. It features elements of feminism, non-toxic Black masculinity, suffering, loss, and varied Black existences, all of which are vital for our children to witness.

It's a film depicting what it means to be Black in America, Africa, and the rest of the world. Rather than avoiding difficult subjects regarding identity and race, the film confronts the contemporary difficulties of Black life head on. It's also very entertaining, with razor-sharp action and humor. This article will delve into the impact of Black Panther on Black kids, which inspired our Black Panther kid's quilt.

The Inspiring Impact of Black Panther On Black Kids

In 2017, Chadwick Boseman's portrayal of T’Challa, a superhero and the monarch of Wakanda in Black Panther wowed audiences worldwide. 

The character was considered an inspiration for young Black people in particular. A telling sign of this was that following the release of the film, children and teachers alike embraced the "Wakanda handshake".

The movie was also hailed as a cultural landmark for its predominantly Black cast. It became a cultural phenomenon, plus a record box office hit that has received wonderful reviews and generated discussion across traditional and social media.

And there are no indications of the excitement waning.

The debate surrounding the film has progressed from arguments about the necessity of representation to something loftier: a pioneering exaltation of Black culture.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther focuses on more than the superhero's expedition; it's also about Black culture's journey. Everything from traditional African civilization to African-American political disputes, from the strength and beauty of Black women to the safeguarding of identity, is acknowledged and celebrated within the lush bounds of the fictitious African nation of Wakanda.

To this day, people recall the impact this movie has had on them.

18-year-old Amirah Zeba shared with ABC News that “Black Panther” gives her hope. "It tells you that anything is possible… I think it will give me motivation, every time I’m down, I'll think of Black Panther.”

In the same article, 12-year-old Jenkins Nefertiti said "There aren't many African Americans featured, and it demonstrates that we can be there as well."

Dominique Jones, the executive director at the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem discussed with ABC news how seeing a superhero who resembles them on screen motivated kids of color to shoot for the stars. 

She described Black Panther as a monarch and a righteous ruler, not just a hero.

She stated, "As people of color, we can be self-determined to establish our own place in the world…This brings validity and honor and strength and passion to those goals."

The History of Black Panther And Its Characters

Black Panther (aka T’Challa) was born during the civil rights movement, and the character emerged in Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four #52, one month after Carmichael's Black Power proclamation.

His major characteristics were supernatural strength and agility, but his strongest asset was brilliant intelligence. He wasn't required to take over; he had already assumed command.

As the King of Wakanda, he ruled a fictitious African nation that had become the most technologically sophisticated nation in the world because of its exclusive grip on the sound-absorbent metal, vibranium.

It was a vision of Black grandeur and power at a time when more than 41% of African Americans were living below the poverty line, accounting for roughly a third of the nation's destitute.

Like the legendary Lieutenant Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek, Black Panther was an articulation of Afrofuturism—an ideology that fuses African mythologies, technology, and sci-fi and exists to admonish customary depictions of a future devoid of Black people.

Overall, the revolutionary aspect of Black Panther is that it portrays a world in which Black people get the riches, technology, and military power to level the playing field—a situation relevant to the globe at large.

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