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How To Wear A Mixed Print Crossbody Bag (Inspo + Advice)

Did you recently receive a mixed print crossbody bag for the holidays? Or do you have one sitting in the back of your closet that you have no idea how to wear? Then, this article is just for you! 

Black woman wearing african print large crossbody bag

The crossbody bag is a closet staple that every woman should have. It’s the perfect bag for a hike, running errands all day, or even going out to a restaurant. In addition, crossbody bags are essential for capsule wardrobes because of their versatility and style. 

To know exactly how to wear your crossbody bag, keep reading to see our best tips and tricks!

What is a mixed print crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag is a type of purse that has a long strap designed to go over one shoulder and across your chest. It’s also commonly called a messenger bag because couriers used to carry mail in these bags. 

Its functionality made it popular for women to wear with everyday looks. It is an easy and practical way to carry everything you need and add a bit of chicness with a mixed print. 

How to wear a mixed print crossbody bag

Since this bag is casual and effortless, you can style it in many different ways. 

Across the back

If you’re planning on doing a lot of physical activity, wearing a crossbody bag across your back may be the most comfortable way to wear it. This style is perfect for long walks in the park or a morning hike. It allows you to have easy access to all your items while not getting in the way of your movement. 

On the hip

Wearing a crossbody bag on the hip is the most common way to style it, and the reason why it’s called a messenger bag since this is the same way couriers wear it. This style is best suited for a large crossbody bag with a long strap.

You can comfortably grab anything from your purse without hassling to take it off. Plus, this method of wearing a crossbody bag is excellent for those with mobility issues. Unlike clutches or handbags, a crossbody bag allows the user to have their hands free to hold a cane or grab onto railings for support. 

Across the chest

If your crossbody bag has a shorter strap, you may opt for wearing it across the chest. Recently, people have even styled fanny packs to be worn across the chest instead of around the waist. It’s a very fashionable and functional way to style any bag with a short strap. 

Against the stomach

You can adjust the strap to sit at your stomach instead for those who aren’t comfortable with their bag resting at their chest or hips. It all depends on what is the most comfortable for your body. 

Either way of styling the crossbody bag to be at your stomach or your chest will help you be less vulnerable to pickpockets. Your purse is right where you can see it, and there is a much smaller chance of someone attempting to swipe your bag. 

With a chain strap

Lastly, a chain strap is perfect for adding some flair to a crossbody bag. You can purchase a bag that already has a chain strap or spruce up an old crossbody bag you just have hanging in your closet. 

Silver, gold, and rose gold chains can take any outfit from basic to stylish. 

5 Outfit ideas to wear with your mixed print crossbody bag

(1) Winter Hike 

Cargo pants, a sweater, and a puffer vest are the perfect way to stay warm and comfy while on a hike. You can also add gloves and a beanie if you need extra help staying warm. We focused on showcasing earthy colors with blue, green, and brown shades. It’s a cute way to connect yourself to the nature around you. 

An outfit for hiking in the winter


While hiking, you may want to carry water, snacks, a first aid kit, etc. You can wear a handcrafted crossbody bag on your back to take everything you need. 

(2) Lunch Date 

Crossbody bags worn on the hip are perfect for a lunch date. Your hands are kept free to receive roses and to give hugs while your bag rests comfortably on your side. An outfit consisting of jeans, a blouse, a light cardigan, and a gorgeous solid-colored coat is a great way to show off your layering skills and how well you can mix and match colors and prints. 

A lunch date outfit


Pick out bright heels to show off a pop of color and grab a mixed print bag to stand out. 

(3) Shopping Day

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your family, you typically want to be comfortable when walking around and searching all day. A mainly monochrome outfit with a colorful crossbody bag draws all the attention to your purse as a statement piece. Make sure to adjust the strap to have your bag sit at your chest to have easy access to your credit cards and to rummage through clothing racks. 

A Shopping Day Outfit with Print Messenger Bag


(4) Travel 

While traveling, you want to show off the crème de la crème of your closet while also remaining comfortable and having a functional purse. A t-shirt dress paired with a jean jacket and your most comfortable heels is the way to go. If you plan on walking for blocks and blocks, feel free to switch out the shoes for something with more cushion.

an outfit for exploring a new city while on vacation


Accessorize your travel fit with sunglasses, bold earrings, and an even bolder crossbody bag placed on your stomach so your wallet and other belongings are never out of your sight. 

(5) Night Out

You can never go wrong with a neutral outfit and an Ankara fabric crossbody bag. A nude turtleneck dress with chocolate brown ankle booties is the perfect amount of trendiness. While the bag shows off your personal flair and love for prints. 

a night out outfit


Consider replacing the strap on your bag with a chain strap to elevate it for a night out.

4 Tips for wearing a mixed print crossbody bag

Now that you know all the ways you can wear a mixed print crossbody bag, it’s time for some general styling tips:

(1) Don’t wear them with fitted clothes

Crossbody bags are perfect for more laid-back and casual looks. They are best paired with loose-fitting clothes that feel more relaxed and less structured.  

(2) Choose a bag that fits your style

No matter how you decide to wear your crossbody bag, make sure to choose one that suits you and your needs. If you like to carry just the essentials, opt for a smaller bag. If you can’t pack light, use a more oversized bag to fit everything.

You should feel comfortable wearing it, and since it’s best suited for everyday looks, the print you pick should match your overall wardrobe. Select the best choice based on your personal style and not just a trendy bag you’ll only like for the next three months.

(3) Style your crossbody bag

Once you have the perfect crossbody bag, reread our tips on how to wear it. Then, adjust the strap and find out what works best for your comfort and the specific outfit you are wearing. 

It may be best to wear your crossbody bag at your hip with a little black dress. Or, if you are wearing a cute athleisure set, you may want to adjust your bag to be across your chest. 

 the weather gets a little cooler, consider wearing your bag underneath a mid-layer. 

Have fun with it! 

(4) Choose a practical bag

The best part about crossbody bags is how practical they can be. As long as you choose the right bag for the occasion, nothing can go wrong. 


There you have it! We covered the origins of crossbody bags, how to wear them, outfit examples, and general styling tips. Now you are ready to look and feel confident with your new crossbody bag.

Which outfit fits your style? Tell us in the comments!

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