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Patchwork Bags: A Brief History and Overview of Patchwork

flatlay of blue patchwork bookbag

Patchwork and quilting have been around for centuries. We can date back the origins of patchwork to Ancient Egypt in 3,400 BCE. It can be seen on clothes, quilts, furniture, and even various home decorations. There is a deep and long line of history that explains why patchwork was used and even popular during certain time periods. 

In the Middle Ages, patchwork was used during the making of armor for knights and soldiers. During the Great Depression, patchwork was used to not waste any bit of fabric and allowed people to repurpose their old clothes during a time when people could not afford to purchase new ones. Now, it is seen as part of fashion and you can find patchwork throughout all types of clothing, decor,  and accessories. 

The History of Patchwork in Fashion

Patchwork fashion was originally a style made out of necessity. People needed to extend the lifespan of their clothing and would add patches to repair holes. They also used all scraps of fabric from other garments to create a new patchwork piece. 

Eventually in the 1960s, patchwork was seen as fashion. It was seen as a way to add your own personality to your clothing. This style moved all the way up to designers like Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio di Sant'Angelo. 

Now, patchwork is a staple in the fashion community. It offers a handmade look and feel to clothing and accessories. 

Types of Patchwork

There are six different types of patchwork:

  1. Stained Glass Window Patchwork: Resembles stained glass, filled with different rectangular shapes,  and is usually very colorful.
  2. Cathedral Window Patchwork: Looks like a ton of circles with diamonds in the middle.
  3. Somerset Patchwork: Similar to a star or flower pattern with different printed fabrics making up the shape's outline.
  4. Trapunto (Stuffed or Puff Patchwork): Uses 2 layers to create a 3D or raised effect on the patchwork. 
  5. Crazy Quilting: Uses irregularly shaped pieces of fabric and all different types of fabric to create a single piece. 
  6. Appliqué: Fabric patches are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric which makes it look like a picture. 

How Designers Use Patchwork to Create Bags

Blue Patchwork Handmade Backpack

Patchwork has been used in handbags, crossbody bags, wristlets, and more. You can find intricate patterns stitched together to make 1 beautiful bag that doubles as a piece of art. From basic florals to houndstooth to African prints, you can find every pattern you’re looking for on a patchwork bag. 

Order a Quality Patchwork Bag Today

Patchwork bags have been around for a very long time, and it isn’t going away anytime soon! The art of patchworking is the process of sewing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece. While this design was used because of necessity, it’s now a fashion statement.

If you're looking for a unique and stylish bag that is also made from high-quality materials, then consider purchasing a patchwork bag today.

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