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Women’s Travel Bags for Every Kind of Trip

B.Eclectic Handcrafted Bags

Whether you’re jetting off on an extended vacation or spending a long weekend closer to home, there’s a bag for every kind of journey. No matter the case, the rule is always to pack light, which is where the art of capsule packing comes in handy.

Rather than lugging an overstuffed suitcase around, knowing exactly what you need to take is the first important step. Finding a bag that will hold that exact amount is key, especially when weighing luggage, as your bag might be heavier than you think. Here are six of the best travel bags for women to take on every type of trip.

(1) A Bucket Bag

The Womanhood Bucket Bag by B.Eclectic

Structured, sturdy, and stylish bucket bags are popular travel bags for women with plenty of room for all the essentials. Many come with interior compartments to keep personal possessions safely stowed away. However, it’s important to remember to keep the drawstring or zipper securely closed to prevent prying pickpockets. These pretty, compact little bags are ideal as carry-on luggage or as a handbag for a short trip.

(2) A Messenger Bag

Black Mini Messenger Bag - The J2 Collection

Tote bags look stylish and can be useful when shopping, but they tend to lack compartments and have shorter handles, making them tricky to carry on long journeys. 

Enter the messenger (or courier) bag!

With longer straps (for a more ergonomic, back-friendly design) and plenty of pockets, this is one of the most popular styles of travel crossbody bags for women, whether you’re using it as a carry-on or packing for a short stay.

(3) A Backpack

Black Love Multicolor Backpack - B.Eclectic

Not just for kids, travel backpacks for women have had something of a renaissance in recent years, partly due to the 90s trend making a big comeback. Some are built for style rather than substance, so if you’re going on an expedition to Machu Picchu, you might need something hard-wearing, ideally in a waterproof material with padding and additional waist straps. You can also get rolling backpacks when you need to take the weight off.

Now, a stylish backpack is a perfect option if you’re going back to school, on a cruise, or on a road trip.

(4) A Duffel Bag

Made Leather Co. Excursion Weekender Duffle

These vary in size, although generally, duffels are classified as large travel bags. Many feature multiple pockets on both the inside and outer of the bag to help keep your belongings organized. These come in a range of materials including leather and canvas. Typically you would carry a duffel by hand, but for longer journeys, a wheeled duffel is another good option. 

(5) A Satchel

Emory Satchel - P. Sherrod & Co.

For the ultimate style and functionality when sightseeing on a trip, this bag is just what you need. Satchels typically have a strap that makes them easy to sling over your shoulder with ease. Plus, depending on the shape and size of your satchel, you can fit multiple items, such as your purse, keys, hand sanitizer, and laptop.

(6) A Wristlet

Woman In Blue Wristlet - B.Eclectic

For women who prefer less to carry around, a wristlet is a perfect handbag to pair with your traditional suitcase.

Wristlets offer enough space to hold the essentials so you can go anywhere your heart desires. You also lower the chance of losing those important items while out and about. 

Simply put your hand through the strap, and voila! You’re ready to explore.


Out of these six bag options, which one would you choose to travel with?

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