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Tropical Vacation Outfits: 5 Outfits to Wear at a Caribbean Resort

A Tropical vacation outfit with print backpack

We Americans love our tropical vacations, with hundreds of thousands of us touching down on Caribbean soil every year, according to the latest statistics from Statista. While we’re likely confident in our decision to set off to a warm, tropical destination and enjoy everything this region of the Americas has to offer, not all of us have the same confidence when deciding what to wear while we’re there. If you need a helping hand in picking the best apparel for fun in the sun, here are five Caribbean resort outfits that might have you jet off with a smile.   

5 Tropical Outfits for Your Caribbean Vacation

Choosing the best tropical vacation outfits can be much harder than you think, especially if you’ve never been on a tropical vacation before and don’t know what everyone else is wearing. However, you can’t go wrong with some of these standout outfits below for all manner of tropical activities. 

(1) Tropical Swimsuit Top, Maxi Skirt, and Crossbody Bag

Swimsuit top, maxi-skirt, crossbody bag outfit

You typically can’t walk into a store and find vacation clothes for women all laid out and ready to be purchased. However, you can surely find plenty of individual garments that work together in harmony as the ultimate Caribbean resort outfit, such as a tropical swimsuit top, maxi skirt, and crossbody bag

A tropical swimsuit top can be worn on its own or as part of a two-piece bikini, and a maxi skirt is an ideal piece to be worn at the beach and in resort establishments like restaurants. A crossbody bag is also the perfect accessory to tie the look together, especially as it boasts plenty of room for sunscreen, sunglasses, and a book to enjoy on Caribbean white sandy beaches. 

Whether you aren’t ready to rock the whole two-piece bikini look or you want something with a little more coverage, this beautiful and sunshine-friendly outfit can tick all the right boxes. 

(2) Big Hat With a One-Piece Swimsuit

Big hat with a one-piece swimsuit outfit

A one-piece swimsuit is one of the most versatile outfits for all-inclusive Caribbean vacations. You can wear it in the comfort of your accommodations while sunning yourself on your private patio, and it’s the perfect outfit choice for walks on the beach and swimming in the ocean. 

However, nothing ties this look together quite like a large hat. Large hats are stylish when paired with swimwear and protect your head and neck from the intense summer rays. Fortunately, the options for the hats and one-piece swimsuits you purchase are endless.

You might opt for something tropical and vibrant to reflect your vacation type, or something neutral and plain that you can feel comfortable wearing once you’re back home. You even have plenty of options regarding big hats, with various materials, styles, and colors to suit even the most discerning tastes. 

(3) Simple Tropical Bikini and Cover-Up

Simple tropical Bikini and cover-up outfit

When the time comes to pack your Caribbean vacation wardrobe, you might decide to purchase a new bikini for the occasion. With so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy to know which one will suit your vacation needs the most. 

You can’t go wrong with a simple tropical bikini that has been made for the warmth and vibrancy of tropical paradises like the Caribbean. However, if you’re worried about being able to cover yourself up when it gets chilly or for entering local establishments, consider pairing it with a cover-up. 

Beach cover-up wraps, also known as sarongs, are essential resort wear for women. They’re lightweight fabric garments that you can wear over the top of your bikini like a shirt or wrap around your bust like a dress. Most are also designed to dry quickly, which means you don’t need to worry about your tropical bikini leaving it wet. 

(4) Matching Activewear Set

Matching Activewear set outfit

While you might be spending most of your time soaking up the sun on tropical beaches and sipping cocktails in local restaurants, plenty of other fun activities in the Caribbean require more than a two-piece bikini. For example, keeping your workout going at the hotel gym while on vacation.

Consider purchasing matching activewear sets that you can wear for day cruises and tours. Depending on the brand, activewear features comfortable, breathable, and stretchy materials that can suit the humidity and heat of the tropical Caribbean climate. 

You might also find that you can enjoy other benefits like temperature regulation, odor resistance, and fast drying due to the nature of the activities that activewear is traditionally designed for.  Consider packing more than one set to ensure you have women’s vacation clothes for every activity and occasion. 

(5) Tropical Maxi Dress with a Floral Clutch

Maxi Dress with a floral clutch bag

A tropical-styled maxi dress might tick all those boxes if you’re looking for something beautiful, comfortable, and ideal for a tropical climate. Maxi dresses feature lightweight and breathable material, making them ideal for meandering along the beautiful white sandy beaches. 

However, they are equally suitable for lounging around your accommodation, dining in local establishments, and enjoying the many available Caribbean tourist activities. There are also a few better ways to tie your look together than with a floral clutch. Rather than managing the inconvenience of your dress not having any pockets, you can carry a clutch with enough room for your money, ID, and other essentials. 

Tropical Vacation Packing List

Now that you’ve got a few different Caribbean resort outfits organized, you’re almost ready to set off. However, there’s no harm in adding a few other essential items and accessories to your suitcase, such as these: 

  • Earrings to tie your outfits together
  • A new wallet to carry your essentials like money cards and ID
  • Loungewear for comfort on the plane
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • T-shirts to go over your swimwear
  • A selection of hats to suit all occasions 

Take Your Caribbean Vacation in Style

If you’re getting ready to take a vacation of a lifetime to the Caribbean, it doesn’t hurt to prepare in advance. Any of these outfits above might be more than suitable for casual lounging, beach trips, fun activities, and more. 

What outfit would you wear on a Caribbean vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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