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The B.Eclectic Blog

  • 5 Airport Outfit Ideas To Inspire You For Your Next Flight

    Are you planning and packing for a trip?

    When it comes to choosing an airport outfit, remember to always consider comfort, practicality, and style. With these three factors, you can never go wrong! 

    Read our guide to learn how to choose the best outfit for the airport.

  • African Handbags: Herringbone Pattern Overview

    Herringbone is a timeless pattern that is used in African handbags. To fully appreciate the beauty of these bags, it’s best to understand exactly what this print is and where it came from. We’ve put together a little guide to herringbone that will answer all these questions and turn you into an expert at spotting this design! 

  • Holiday Gift Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Handmade Bag For Her

    Finding the perfect gift can be complicated, and with the holidays approaching it only makes the pressure more intense. Which is why we’ve curated this holiday gift guide to help out all the daughters, best friends, and spouses of fashionable women choose the perfect handmade bas as a holiday gift.

  • What The B.Eclectic Brand Is All About

    Hey! I'm Aerryel, the Founder of the B.Eclectic Brand, a black-owned online fashion boutique based in Columbus, Ohio.

    If you're a woman who prefers statement accessories over fashion trends, you're in the right place!