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The B.Eclectic Blog

  • 5 Best Travel Accessories for Mom in 2022 | The Curated List

    Are you shopping for a jet-setter mom? Or are you, yourself, a mom who loves to travel? 

    With tons of new products for traveling popping up all the time, it can be hard to know what’s worth buying or not. This is why we created this curated list of our top picks for the best travel accessories every mom wishes they had purchased sooner. 

  • African Cowrie Shells: A Dive Into Their History And Meaning

    You may have seen more and more African cowrie shells appear in everyday fashion items: hair accessories, dresses, necklaces, etc. But what is the...
  • How To Accessorize Spring & Summer Outfits With Print

    Adding the right amount of accessories can help elevate your outfits and show off your fashion sense. 

    Are you looking for new ways to accessorize your spring and summer outfits?

    Read the entire blog post to learn how you can take a look from drab to fab!

  • Black-Owned Brands You Need To Know For Your Next Vacation

    Whether you are just doing a staycation or a 10-day trip, here are the best Black-owned brands you need to know about to plan for your next vacation.

    From outfits to shoes to makeup, we will have you covered in items from high-quality Black-owned companies. Read on to find your next favorite brand!

  • A Quick Fashion History Lesson On Floral Print And Houndstooth

    Floral print and houndstooth patterns are some of the most popular designs you can find on clothing, no matter the season. They are everywhere from midi skirts to scarves. But where did they come from and how did they become so persistent in fashion? 

    Keep reading to dive into the history of floral and houndstooth print! 

  • 17 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For 2022

    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s no time like the present to order presents for your significant other. It can be difficult to know...
  • Kente Cloth: History, Color Meaning, Facts and More

    Kente cloth is a traditional fabric characterized by its colorful pattern and beautiful texture. It has been a staple in African culture for centuries. In fact, it’s one of the most popular African fabrics worn today. 

    Read this post to understand the kente cloth’s history and the meanings behind its vibrant colors. 

  • How To Wear A Mixed Print Crossbody Bag (Inspo + Advice)

    The crossbody bag is a closet staple that every woman should have. It’s the perfect bag for a hike, running errands all day, or even going out to a restaurant. In addition, crossbody bags are essential for capsule wardrobes because of their versatility and style. 

    Did you recently receive one for the holidays? Or do you have one sitting in the back of your closet that you have no idea how to wear? Then, this article is just for you! 

  • 5 Airport Outfit Ideas To Inspire You For Your Next Flight

    Are you planning and packing for a trip?

    When it comes to choosing an airport outfit, remember to always consider comfort, practicality, and style. With these three factors, you can never go wrong! 

    Read our guide to learn how to choose the best outfit for the airport.

  • African Handbags: Herringbone Pattern Overview

    Herringbone is a timeless pattern that is used in African handbags. To fully appreciate the beauty of these bags, it’s best to understand exactly what this print is and where it came from. We’ve put together a little guide to herringbone that will answer all these questions and turn you into an expert at spotting this design! 

  • Holiday Gift Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Handmade Bag For Her

    Finding the perfect gift can be complicated, and with the holidays approaching it only makes the pressure more intense. Which is why we’ve curated this holiday gift guide to help out all the daughters, best friends, and spouses of fashionable women choose the perfect handmade bas as a holiday gift.

  • What The B.Eclectic Brand Is All About

    Hey! I'm Aerryel, the Founder of the B.Eclectic Brand, a black-owned online fashion boutique based in Columbus, Ohio.

    If you're a woman who prefers statement accessories over fashion trends, you're in the right place!